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Who we are

ZeeBeeDee is founded by a young and dynamic plant medicine enthusiast who is dedicated to using the power of the hemp plant which promotes;

healthy body, heathy mind, green future and happy life.

Globally, the benefits of CBD remain a mystery…

In other words, CBD is misunderstood and mis-sold. But, that shouldn’t be the case.

Today, more than ever, people need help with anxiety, pain, nausea, epilepsy, insomnia, energy and more.

At ZeeBeeDee, we all know CBD can help us. But no-one is helping enough with CBD. Most products lack efficacy, beauty, enjoyment, or understanding. Understanding how it works, how much You need, how You would like to use and enjoy it.

Therefore we’re here to change that!

Your well-being is our priority

Our mission

In first place, we aim to help You discover the power of hemp through thoughtful, effective and premium quality products

By this means, we can help You find peace in Your everyday life.

We believe hemp is vital to the solution. This single, humble plant is—in itself—a biological regenerative ecosystem. By simply growing, it regenerates the soil and removes CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the air. In addition, oil from its flowers and seeds are used in medicine and food. In like manner, fibers from its stalk are used in textiles, clothing, fuel, plastics and building materials. Under those circumstances, hemp is regenerating economies, empowering farmers and restoring rural communities. And also, it is soothing bodies and souls. It is healing the planet.

At ZeeBeeDee, we are using the regenerative power of hemp and our team’s collective skills, experience and passion to create a regenerative movement. That is to say, we are harnessing the benefits of this miraculous plant to create economic opportunities for farmers, clean the air, restore the soil and produce products that improve individual well-being. Now, we’re asking You to join us! Let hemp inspire you to take that first humble step. Likewise the hemp plant, engage in a daily regenerative act. Each day, ask yourself, what action can you take to “Be Helmpful?”

Generally speaking, ZeeBeeDee‘s mission is to change the system and raise the standards of the CBD industry.

What makes us different

Effective. NOT expensive

ZeeBeeDee has been committed to creating the highest quality CBD products that are affordable. We believe CBD should be accessible to all, regardless of your income

Nothing to hide

There is no secret to our approach. From the organic hemp farm, to our natural products, we focus on transparency and sustainability

Environmentally friendly

The goal is 0(zero) carbon footprint!

Our socially conscious efforts focus on making products that help us leave the world in a better state than before. With this in mind, we are using the most ecological way to deliver our products to customers. As an illustration, our first project is replacing the single use paper boxes to life-long use 100% organic & vegan pouch bags. In addition to that, we print all our product labels and stickers with organic ink on 100% organic recycled paper.

* ZeeBeeDee products contain all the natural ingredients found in the plant. With every new product we strive to earn your trust all over again. ZeeBeeDee will NEVER contain any artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, dyes.
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